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Power of Sale and Foreclosure

Stop Mississauga Power of Sales, Foreclosures and Evictions

In the City of Mississauga the foreclosure and power of sale process is set out in the Ontario Mortgages Act. The Act explains the rights that a home owner has and the legal steps that a lender must take before an eviction or sale of your house can take place. If your mortgage holder has started a “foreclosure” or “power of sale” on your property we recommend that you act quickly to prevent the loss of your property.

Help and Advice to Stop Power of Sale, Foreclosure and Evictions

We can provide information regarding the legal process and can even send you to a lawyer for a FREE consultation. We recommend that you call us as soon as possible, every day that goes by can result in higher legal fees form the lenders lawyer.

When you call please have any legal documents ready, it is also recommended that you email a copy of the legal documents to us. The following is a list of some of the possible documents you may have received.

Notice of Default – Lets the property order know that legal proceedings will follow if the mortgage is not brought into good standing.

Statement of Claim- This tells you how much money the lender wants to pay off the mortgage. You will have 20 days to respond to the Statement of Claim, after the 20 day time period has lapsed the lender can issue a Writ of Possession.

Writ of Possession – Informs the property owner that the lender can take over the property within a certain period of time. It is important to stop the power of sale before an Eviction Notice is issued.

Eviction Notice – Gives a date and time at which the occupants of the property will be evicted. This notice is issued by the local sheriff. The sheriff has the legal responsibility to remove any occupants from the property. If you are evicted ensure that you take any valuable possessions with you when you lease your home. To gain entry to the house after eviction you must contact the lenders lawyer for permission.

 Call or email us to STOP evictions, power of sales and foreclosures in Mississauga.